Clean Water. Healthier Communities.

Under the Clean Water for Ituha Project, launched in 2010, our Mbeya staff greatly increased the accessibility of clean drinking water for 500 families. Such access has already reduced the death rate of children under five years of age. Infectious diseases, such as typhoid, cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis-A, guinea worm and schistosomissis also are declining across Tanzania.

Funded by the World Mercy Fund, Switzerland, the Euro 11,500 project targeted one end of the Ituha Village in the Mbeya Region of Tanzania. MFA mobilized resources, community support, and government assistance to design the plan and implement the infrastructure necessary to build the pipeline. The water, which is currently used by dozens of families, is a necessity for drinking, washing, bathing, and cooking. Providing water from a source over 10 kilometers from the village, the infrastructure has lessened the hardship of searching for clean water that had formerly burdened the region. In 2011 the pipes needed to be repaired the local villages with their effort collected their own money for replacing pipes and its joints that are broken the collects was Tshs 150,000/= They really feel that the water pipes is theirs. 

Tree Planting for Growth

A minor activity under the organization’s environmental awareness programming was the Tree Planting for Growth project. Undertaken in the Mbeya Region of Tanzania, MFA, with assistance from the U.S.-based Trees for The Future organization, led the planting of 50 trees in Mbalizi Village.

Building on these activities, MFA hopes to hold environmental awareness trainings and undertake further tree-planting and other ecologically conscious activities. The other trees was taken by city water engineers for planting in the great water sources in Nzovwe Village which supplies the water in the city of Mbeya. Because the trees from Trees For the Future were fit for planting in the region of Tanzania. Now, we are prepared to work with Sacred Seedlings on two projects to help save Kilimanjaro and Tanzania from the effects of global warming and climate change.

Mellowswan Foundation Africa Tanzania

Sacred Seedlings is a global initiative to support forest conservation, reforestation, urban forestry, carbon capture, sustainable agriculture and wildlife conservation. Sustainable land management is critical to the survival of entire ecosystems.