Reforestation Critical To Ecosystems

At 1.1 percent, Tanzania’s average annual deforestation rate is more than twice the global average of 0.5 percent.  To mitigate the destruction in their region, Mamba villagers in Moshi Municipality have planted over 4,000 indigenous trees.

Speaking on Tuesday, the Acting Moshi District Commissioner Novatus Makunga called on other regions in the country to emulate the Mamba villagers as experts warn of increased rapid climate change effects should the trend continue. The tree planting campaign is sponsored by the Serengeti Breweries Limited which seeks to increase awareness on environmental conservation as well as educating the public on economic benefits of tree planting. Makunga said environmental conservation projects are a key of national development and is the responsibility of all communities in the country to conserve their environs.

“Tree planting is in line with the Moshi Municipality’s environmental plan which aims to reduce the devastating effects of deforestation,” he said expressing gratitude to the brewers for their support and also reminded the Mamba residents to protect the planted trees.

Serengeti Breweries Corporate Social Responsibility manager, Hawa Ladha said that the corporation understands the negative effects of deforestation to communities and the nation at large and it is taking a committed step to provide sustainable solutions to the problem.

“We thank the local government and community in Mamba as a whole for their overwhelming support in making this initiative successful” she said calling on other communities to come together and plant more trees warning that experts have already cautioned over the possibility of increased rapid climate change effects should deforestation continue at the rate it is now.


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