Help Wanted In Tanzania

We have volunteer programs for those who want to work with us at our site locations in Tanzania. We need help on health, environment, economic, human rights and other related work.

We are based in Mbeya city and Arusha city. Opportunities are available at these and other locations across the region. We also have desktop opportunities where people can pitch in from anywhere in the world.

Mellowswan Foundation Tanzania

We need your help to promote a brighter tomorrow across Tanzania. Please join us. Asante’ sana!

Mellowswan Foundation Africa Tanzania

The Mellowswan Foundation is devoted to community service and the responsible stewardship of Tanzania’s natural resources. Formed in 2011, the Foundation partners with organizations and governments across Tanzania and around the world to accomplish its mission and serve its stakeholders.


  • Elise Kroll says:


    I am very interested in volunteer opportunities with Mellow Swan Africa. I currently live in Manhattan, New York and I work in investment banking. I have a Masters degree in applied mathematics and began a position at Morgan Stanley in early 2012.
    I recently decided that I would like to take some time to travel and volunteer. I came across your website on and I would really like to hear about opportunities in microfinance, environmental sustainability and climate change.

    Thanks so much!
    Elise Kroll

  • Tumaini says:

    Hi Elise
    hope you receive some mails to this request
    we are here to save and work with you.
    Thanks alot.

  • Jane Buick says:


    Just came across your organisation. Firstly wow! amazing work! Secondly, Miascape is a small, privately owned UK company with a sting proven track record over 10 years in people engagement and transforming thinking. We have strong links with Africa Forum Scotland and we are currently looking to find a pro bono project where our expertise may be used to deliver community engagement to the benefit of that community. Our business model is to deliver corporate projects to allow us to then deliver ethical projects. Please let us know if you have any areas where you feel our expertise may be useful. Best wishes. Jane

  • Hello there!
    I would like to volunteer in Tanzania/ Zanzibar should an opportunity be available.
    Artist, Chef, Hospitality, Design, Cosmetology, Choreography. Life Skills Coach.
    I am South African, mature, single, male,
    Kindly allow an email address to enable attachments.
    Thanking you .

    • mellow says:

      Mr. Jacobs: Please contact me for starters on volunteer opportunities in Tanzania with Mellowswan Foundation. I will connect you with them to help start the process. Thanks for the outreach and the generous offer. My email is


  • Emmanuel Makoye says:

    Hello, I’m Emmanuel Makoye, with 24years , degree holder of environmental studies, I’m Tanzanian , can I volunteer in Tanzania (my country) ? Thank you for this opportunity.

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