Tanzania Girl Suffers Life-Threatening Burns

Family Needs Financial Assistance To Provide Critical Care

On December 15, 2016, Beveline, a six-year-old girl suffered extreme burns at home. She was preparing some water in the kitchen to take a bath. Suddenly, a fire erupted and caught her clothes on fire. She sustained burns on more than 50 percent of her tiny body from head to toe. Her family rushed her to KCMC hospital at Kilimanjaro where she is in intensive care.

Her condition is critical. Doctors says that she may be affected internally due to the severity of the burns. Her mother is a widow. Her brother is my partner and friend, Tumain Mosha, from the Mellowswan Foundation Africa-Tanzania.

Tanzania hospital cares for children

“I’m doing this because she is my mother in law and the girl is my young sister-in-law,” said Tumaini Mosha. “The doctors said that it will cost about 20 million Tanzania shilling ($9174.311 USD) to pay the hospital bills. It’s expected that she will be hospitalized for three months. She is taking treatments at KCMC Hospital at Kilimanjaro, Tanzania at SICU B room 17.”

burn victim in Tanzania

Until the family can establish other fundraising avenues, we are raising money through this site to help. Your donation will go to Gary Chandler, Mellowswan’s fundraising partner in the United States. Chandler will forward all funds to the family as quickly as possible.

fundraising Tanzania

We will recognize your contributions on this page as they come in. God bless the angels who read, share and donate. Please pass this plea along to your friends and family.

Asante’ sana.

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