Community Mobilized Food Program

In response to the high number of people in Tanzania living with HIV/AIDS and the malnourishment of many people in the Mbeya Region, MFA designed and implemented the Community Mobilized Food Program with funding from Canadian Food for Children.

With a donation of a container of food and clothing in 2011 ,2012,and 2013 the program provided nutritional staples to the elderly, orphans, albinos, lepers, and community members who were living with HIV/AIDS. The HIV/AIDS aspect of the program, which further affirms the organization’s commitment to those community members living with HIV/AIDS, focused on HIV- Home Based Care.

MFA provided Home Based Care to adults with HIV/AIDS using supplies from the Canadian Food for Children containers, in addition to counseling and testing.

In addition to food, the program provided uniforms, school materials, and exercise books to the students . At project start-up, MFA intended to reach 400 people, but upon seeing the demand of so many impoverished community members, the program was able to help 180 people. Over the course of five months, MFA provided 20 kilograms of food per person, per month, the bulk of which was nutritionally enriched split pea porridge. The results of the program were clear. Within a few months, the children and adults, especially those with HIV/AIDS, were visibly stronger and over a longer time period, many of the children have ceased to show HIV symptoms.

Peer Education Training

As a part of the organization’s HIV/AIDS Awareness programming, MFA has held two Peer Education Program (PEP) trainings. With principle support coming from the Peer Education Program of Los Angeles,by Wendy Arnold the President of PEP/INTERNATIONAL MFA provided administrative support for two training series in 2011 and 2012.

The three-day 2011 training targeted teachers, caretakers, women, physicians, and representatives from local NGOs, orphanages, and HIV/AIDS networks and included 99 participants. The 2011 trainings were held at, and included nearly 140 participants from secondary schools, Universities, and churches. Training topics for both trainings included the prevention, transmission, treatment, and dangers of HIV/AIDS in East Africa and the importance of HIV/AIDS testing. Pre and post-tests were given to participants to gauge their knowledge of awareness, attitudes, and behavior associated with HIV/AIDS and results demonstrated that all participants learned a significant amount about HIV/AIDS awareness. Trainings were interactive and participatory with open discussions, exercises, role-plays, and counseling techniques. Upon completion of the trainings, all PEP/Tanzania-Mbeya members received “Certificates of Completion” to welcome them to PEP/International. Photos available at www.pep/

Wheel Chair Program

MFA has an agreement with Free Wheelchairs Mission who have their manufacturing industry in China. MFA has provided thousands of disabled people throughout Central, Northern, and Southern Tanzania, Shinyanga Region, Arusha Region, Iringa region in Mufindi District, and Mbeya region, with quality wheelchairs. Reaching more and more disabled people as the project continues to expand, MFA will be distributing two containers of  40ft of 550 wheelchairs  with its spare parts, throughout Tanzania every three months. Most recently MFA distributed wheelchairs in Arusha, Tanzania alongside FreeWheelChairs USA.

Our Aim is that by 2025, every person who is disabled in Tanzania should have a wheelchair. We thank each district in Tanzania for clearing the containers at the port of Dar es salaam and for taking they responsible for assembling them and distributing them to the people with disabilities in their areas. We thank the government of Tanzania, NGOs and FBOs for helping people with disabilities.

MFA hopes to provide vocational training to a number of disabled people involved with the health project in Tanzania.

Mellowswan Foundation Africa Tanzania