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The State Of Tanzania’s Forests

Assessment Reveals Urgency To Defend Tanzania’s Forests Several isolated patches of mountain forests support some of Tanzania’s most species-rich areas of extreme conservation concern. The Eastern Arc Mountains is a chain of 13 separate blocks formed on crystalline bedrock that … Continue reading

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Tanzania’s Ecosystems Under Assault

Reforesting Kilimanjaro Region The Kilimanjaro region of East Africa is one of the most threatened ecosystems on earth. Millions of people and several endangered species depend on the snows and rains of Kilimanjaro for survival. As land use encroaches further into … Continue reading

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Forest Conservation, Reforestation Critical To Tanzania

Deforestation Costing Tanzania Billions Deforestation in Tanzania could cost the national economy 5,588 billion Tanzanian Shillings (US$3.5 billion) by 2033. Investing in reforestation, forest conservation and agroforestry can reverse that drain on the economy and the nation. Forest ecosystems in the … Continue reading

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Mellowswan Will Reforest Tanzania, Create Hundreds Of Jobs

Kilimanjaro Ecosystem Supports Millions Of People What’s the Kilimanjaro region worth? How about the entire ecosystem of Kenya, Tanzania and all of East Africa? What will it mean to millions of people and critically endangered species–including elephants, rhinos and lions–if … Continue reading

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