Support for Vulnerable Populations In Tanzania

Mellowswan Foundation-Africa Tanzania assists at-risk populations. Through its diverse programming, MFA engages orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), widows, and those living with HIV/AIDS across Tanzania.

Between 2011 and 2012 and 2013, MFA supported these marginalized groups by conducting entrepreneurial trainings aimed at caregivers for orphans, and implementing a community-wide food program. Some examples of these trainings include vocational training in carpentry and mechanics from which students learned the skills necessary to pursue sustainable employment in carpentry workshops and tailoring shops.

Mellowswan Foundation has supported more than 30 school orphans at all educational levels who are affected by HIV/AIDS. We help them with the provision of school fees and materials, shoes and clothing, food and medical treatment.

These programs aim to support these groups as well as empower them to initiate and pursue activities that will reduce poverty and improve their socio-economic standings in Tanzania.

Mellowswan Foundation Africa Tanzania