Vocational Skills

Under Tanzania‘s Vocational School Education Program, MFA is hoping to complete the construction of a vocational school in the Ituha Village in Mbeya Region to assist uneducated and unemployed young people obtain the marketable skills so they can adequately compete in the job market.

We hope to fund the construction this year. Previous work was completed under a grant from Pangaea Giving for Global Change. Furthermore, an array of donors has provided carpentry toolkits and sewing machines so that  MFA can start classes immediately upon completion of the construction.

Once complete, trained professionals will provide vocational classes in carpentry, mechanics, masonry, electrical engineering, plumbing, tailoring, knitting, computers, and bicycle maintenance to gender-balanced classes of people aged 15-24.

Expanding the outreach of the program, MFA has supported 30 NGOs with vocational training equipment to initiate partner vocational schools throughout the region. Tools with a Mission UK has assisted MFA with sewing machines, knitting machines, carpentry toolkits, masonry toolkits, electrical installations tool kits, plumbing toolkits, bicycle maintenance toolkits, shoemaker toolkits ,wheelchairs, sunflower presses, bicycles, library books, computers and printers. WorkAid also has provided valuable assistance.

Secondary School Education Support

The foundation has directly assisted a number of regional secondary schools across Tanzania with resources and programmatic support. MFA worked to established science clubs at the Ilomba Community and Ivumwe Parents Secondary Schools. Additionally, MFA provided a link between the Ilomba Community School and the Ivumwe Parents school so students from Ilomba, who previously did not have access to a proper science lab could use the science lab resources of the Ivumwe School. As a result of the science club and the expanded access to science labs, a higher number of students excelled in science class and will have the opportunity to advance to advanced science courses.

MFA has also increased access to educational materials by supplying hundreds of books to Community Secondary Schools across Tanzania. The Library books which we donate are from Children International USA. We cooperating with Tanzania Library Board Service. We have this program for supply the Library books to Community Secondary schools in Tanzania.

Several community and private schools have received the books so far, including Ilomba Community Secondary School 1100, Ihalimba Community Secondary School,11,450 , Vanessa Secondary School,2,115, Kalobe Community Secondary School 5, 115, and Jifunzeni Community Secondary School 6,200, Uwata a secondary school7, 115, Vanessa secondary school 3,115, Stela Farm Secondary school 4,200. We have set a Community Library in Sumbawanga and we have provided 4000 library books.

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