Deforestation Contributing To Climate Change

Deforestation has been a large contributor to climate change. Reforestation and forest conservation in Tanzania can help reverse that momentum locally and globally. Healthy forests can help absorb carbon dioxide, while making our land more productive, resilient and sustainable. It’s a critical step in the battle to defend entire ecosystems.

Mellowswan Foundation Africa-Tanzania is proud to partner with stakeholders across Tanzania and around the world as part of a massive forest conservation and reforestation program. With the help of the Tanzanian government, funders from around the globe and local communities, we will help conserve millions of hectares of existing forest, while reforesting even more land with more than 100 million new trees across our beautiful country.

Together, we can fight climate change, wildlife poaching and poverty just by restoring and conserving our land, our wildlife and our communities for future generations. Please join us in the fight against climate change and wildlife extinction.

Mellowswan Foundation Africa Tanzania

The Mellowswan Foundation is devoted to community service and the responsible stewardship of Tanzania’s natural resources. Formed in 2011, the Foundation partners with organizations and governments across Tanzania and around the world to accomplish its mission and serve its stakeholders.