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Mellowswan Foundation Africa-Tanzania works with communities across Tanzania on health, environment and welfare issues. We offer research, investigation, health services and free medication to disadvantaged communities and community members who need help. We’re also planning a massive conservation effort to help build a sustainable future for all of us.

Mellowswan Foundation Tanzania

Building a sustainable future for Tanzania also is a top priority. One of our major projects now involves a massive forest conservation, reforestation and wildlife conservation program with Sacred Seedlings. It also promotes sustainable agriculture, wildlife education and sustainable economic development.

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Mellowswan Foundation Africa-Tanzania is a registered nonprofit organization (certificate of incorporation ID. No 84760 on July 21, 2011, under the Companies Act of 2002 in Dar es salaam Tanzania.

Please join us as we promote a brighter future in Tanzania and around the world. Asante’ sana.

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Sacred Seedlings is a global initiative to support forest conservation, reforestation, urban forestry, sustainable agriculture, carbon capture and wildlife conservation. Sustainable land management and land use are critical to the survival of entire ecosystems. Sacred Seedlings is a U.S.-based program that supports the vision of local stakeholders. We have projects ready across Africa. We seek additional projects elsewhere around the world. We also seek volunteers, sponsors and donors of cash and in-kind support. Write to Gary Chandler for more information

Mellowswan Foundation Africa Tanzania

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